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From time to time I do balloon one, but I will take a dead straight lob at over a crooked drive every day of the week. The iridescent color of the crown is very pleasing and not distracting.

Today s Golfer

Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. My only complaint is actually the high launch. The cavities, along with additional internal weighting, lower the center of gravity and move it deeper in the club head for higher, longer, more accurate shots. But after playing with it for a while, especially after hitting some very good shots with it, my perception of the sound changed. Notify me of new posts by email.

Today s Golfer

On the GeoMax, the blue and yellow scheme continues on the shaft. And, in my opinion, mp 2501sp driver that should include the Tour Edge GeoMax. But even with a square face angle the GeoMax driver sets up really well. Recently I have re-visited Tour Edge drivers.

The life time warranty is great, I have used it several times already. Highly recommend adding it to your list when looking for new clubs.

In the address position it presents itself as an almost traditional driver shape, despite the fact the rear edge has been pulled back away from the face. Perhaps the most remarkable specification of all is the price.

Due to limited stocks left of this range it would be advisable to either email or call us to see if we have the club you are looking for in stock. So no matter where you catch it, your shots have a better chance of flying long and staying on target. And that was my experience.

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While most of the shaft is painted a dark silver grey, the top five inches just under the grip is painted blue and separated from the grey by a painted yellow shaft band simulation. That said, I was able to hit controlled fades pretty much at will. It took maybe five seconds to adjust to it. To me this means Tour Edge has gone the distance in trying to produce models within the GeoMax line that are going to make the most sense for the most players.

Custom shafts and grips are offered, although I have no idea of what they might be. Went to a demo days looking for a driver.

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After trying to play for my slice i began to get annoyed. Read this review to learn the answer to that question. The cavities provide strategic internal weighting that lowers the center of gravity and moves it deeper in the club head for higher, longer, more accurate tee shots.

It looks good and does the job for those who like an alignment mark. But get it out in the sunlight and the color comes alive.

Players who have trouble keeping their drives on target could benefit too. As I look in my bag, I see more Tour Edge clubs with more coming. The real high shots usually occur when I overswing.

The stock flex choices go from an A flex senior all the way up to X flex extra-stiff. From the very first hit my love affair with Tour Edge was re-kindled.

Tour Edge is probably the most underrated company in the market. As a bonus, the fairway woods have relatively loud Carpenter steel faces that boost my sense of power too. Tour Edge clubs are for those who demand the finest performing golf clubs in the world. The face has been made ultra-thin to generate exceptional power and a quick launch for added distance from anywhere on the face. While I might favor black, this is a very attractive color choice that is subtle enough not to be distracting.

Fairway WoodsGeomax 2 Drivers & Fairway Woods Tour Edge UK - Golf Clubs

As we will discuss later, this attribute, along with others, contributes to a higher launch angle. Best to check with your pro or golf shop.

And, during my test rounds, I did manage to balloon a couple. There are five stock graphite shaft options, all made by Grafalloy. Attempts at gentle draws, however, generally resulted in full-blown hooks. Tour Edge has never been known as one of the top-tier golf club manufacturers.

But unlike square and scoop-crowned drivers, the GeoMax comes with a much more traditional shape. Esthetics I have to say that this is one of the better looking drivers introduced this year.


Geomax 2 Drivers & Fairway Woods Tour Edge UK - Golf Clubs

The sloped crown shape helps shift the center of gravity down and back even more. Marrying a mid-launch shaft with less-than-minimal torque and what felt like a softer tip to a somewhat shallow-faced head is going to result in a higher launch than the loft might indicate. The more flex, the lighter weight and greater torque. If anyone tries different shafts please let us know results. If you need straight, this is your club.