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Clean the fan and install the keyboard back in place. After that google the part number and find a replacement drive. The Network card itself, probably isnt bad. It means the whole motherboard has to be replaced. The original drivers will be all be on the recovery partition.

Can I open compxq Laptop and either replce the switch os short it by a wire using soldering iron. After that then the screen just wouldnt turn on and i havent gotten and desk top monitor to work with it either. Through process of elimination I have resolved the problem using your tutorial. The page you requested can not be found.

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Check out all sound related settings in the control panel. Usually motherboard part number printed on that sticker. We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product. Can you tell me what the part is that I need to replace?

Disassemble the laptop and access the wireless switch. But it has the wrong Bios on it. After I emailed her what our experiences including we found while disaasemble, she never response. Is there a good web sight to purchase a cooling fan for this unit?

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Shoudl you decide to do that and no longer wish to use the one built in, completely unhook if from the inside, and itll cut down on battery drain as well as heat. Simple things like that, how ironic is that. The problem I am having is that my laptop will not turn on at all. Being on disability its hard to just buy another.

It might shock the motherboard and the battery will start charging. Test the laptop with each memory module installed separately. Is there any solution to this problem or how can i reset the bios on ccus laptop? Any other part can be used?

As a suggestion, it would be good to include how all the connecters unplug, some were not explained and confusing at first. No soldering needed in this case.

Roger Diaz, You can damage the keyboard by taking it apart. Great tutorial seeing all the parts. If you want to keep your Vista, then you can create a Duel boot system as well. It just stays where it is -just a black screen-.

And this page will answer most of your questions more succintly than I can. Replaced the motherboard power and hard drive lights power on normally fixing the original issue. Before i buy a new one i was hoping to try and see if i can display image on television using the s video cord without the laptop screen hooked up. So i bought new motherboard and i done everything like this you said in the tutorial. Any and all help will be appreciated.

There is no way I can tell what went wrong without looking at the laptop but this could be assembly related problem. If you have no sound even after reimaging the hard drive, this is a hardware related problem.

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It was not easy plugging that one back in. Very slight rocking, parallel to the edge of the case seemed to help it come loose. The laptop is working again.

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It was turned off the night before and the next morning it would not turn on. Other times it boots but nothing shows on the screen. Operating system not found.

Select registration option. Any ideas on what to do or what you think the problem could be?

Reinstalling the Drivers will not fix cuss. Not sure which drivers to choose? No software or drivers are available for this product with the selected operating system. Could that have caused it? Oh yea it will get really hot then shut off in under an hour even though the fan is running.

On power up hear a very short whir of fan then nothing. The list of recommended drivers for your product has not changed since the last time you visited this page. Do you have a F laptop motherboard that you can peel the yellow tape back to take a peek at those connections? No beep, no drive spinup, no backlight attempt, nothing. Great, I ordered a new mainboard.

The onboard WiFi quit working. Try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each module separately. Try taking your battery out and starting the laptop with just the ac cord plugged in, if it works, then your battery needs to be replaced.

Also, I think you can even sell bad motherboard on eBay. Try reconnecting both modules. The device manager shows nothing wifi. Maybe the cords are loose? Maybe your failure somehow related to memory.

If the laptop stopped detecting the sound card, most likely this is motherboard problem, not just audio board failure. You can try reinstalling the sound driver. Swapped out memory modules as suggested and no success.

So in my case, the Compaq was a much better buy. First off let me say these are some awhsome instructions on how to disassemble Compaq Presario F notebook with one exeption. At least, it was enough for the Presario F I was compaq presario cus apart. David The only way i know how is compaq presario cus go to your display properties and click settings then advanced, belkin wireless f5d7000 linux driver then click on graphics properties under Intel Graphics Media Accelerator driver.

You can leave the connected to the motherboard. All these manuals really assist me in my training and repairs. The most expensive will be the display assembly. Replace the adapter if needed.

Can I install XP on my Compaq Presario C

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