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Kyocera FS-1020MFP Operation Manual

Note Ensure Print manual duplex instructions is selected to receive the instruction sheet. Saves the scanned image to a specified folder.

Paper Type Not only can preset paper types be selected, but it is also possible for you to define and select customized paper types. Preset Opens the Preset Tool screen for the selected machine. Summary Shows a list of the settings of the selected program. Der Netzstecker ist die Hauptisoliervorrichtung!

Loading Originals Preparation Loading Originals You may place books or magazines on the platen in addition to ordinary sheet originals. Rear Cover Troubleshooting Rear Cover Follow the steps below to clear paper jams inside the rear cover.

Reset Reset the settings to the previous settings. Destination folder Enter the path of the folder where the scanned image will be saved. Note The manufacturer assumes no liability for problems that occur when paper not satisfying these requirements is used. The power plug is the main isolation device! Do not touch it, as it may result in burn injury.

If the Windows security window appears, click Install this driver software anyway. Note In Windows operating systems, hcl powerlite 9400 sp driver you must be logged in with administrator privileges to install the software.

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Check the Drum charge setting in the Decrease the adjustment value for the Maintenance Menu. Connections Preparation Connections This section explains how to start up the machine. Documentation Opens the folder where manuals are contained. You can download software and find an authorized dealer. Auto sleep Set the sleep timer for the machine to go into sleep mode when not in use.

The back side is copied, and duplex copying is completed. Ensure the side to be printed is facing up and the paper is not folded, curled, or damaged. Legal And Safety Information All rights are reserved. Any copies made of all or part of this guide, or any copyrightable subject must contain the same copyright notice as the material from which the copying is done. If a hardware installation warning message appears, click Continue.

Note All print jobs saved in the selected Print Box are printed. Condition Avoid using paper that is bent at the edges, curled, dirty, torn, embossed, or contaminated with lint, clay, or paper shreds. Other switches on the equipment are only functional switches and are not suitable for isolating the equipment from the power source. The following types of paper can be used. When the relative humidity is high and the paper absorbs moisture, the paper edges expand, becoming wavy in appearance.

Retrieve the paper from the inner tray. When the relative humidity is low and the paper loses moisture, the edges shrink and tighten, and print contrast may suffer. Align it flush against the original size indicator plates with the back left corner as the reference point. Some types of paper have rough edges on the back those are created when the paper is cut. The Status Monitor icon displays machine status messages in the lower right corner of the screen.

Note Shadows may be produced around the edges and in the middle of open-faced originals. An instruction sheet is available to assist with loading the sheets in the correct orientation and order.

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Help Displays the Help screen. Note Set the same paper size to the paper size that is set on the machine. Note You can also select the various settings by clicking Properties to open the Properties screen. Use the machine's operation panel to print the print job stored in a Print Box.

The default settings of the machine can be changed and the messages that appear in the Status Monitor can be set. Should any damage be caused by the application of a toner other than the original toner, then this damage is excluded from the guarantee. Avoid the following locations when selecting a site for the machine.

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Enable event Select to activate the notification feature for selected machine events. Note Do not open or close the front cover or rear cover before removing the jammed paper. You can select the printing paper size. Install the printer driver as directed by the instructions in the installation software.

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The even pages are printed first and then reloaded to print the odd pages. Printing From Application Software Printing Printing from Application Software The steps required to print a document created with an application are explained below. Acceptable Unacceptable Top sheet Carrier sheet The table below lists the specifications for adhesive label paper. Dirt on the top edge or Check the Drum charge setting in the Increase the adjustment value for the back of the paper.

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Replacing The Toner Container This is to avoid damaging media by the magnetism of toner. The printer driver installation program starts up. You can select a machine from this list to view its properties and select available options, such as configuration, maintenance, and driver download.

Proceed with the uninstallation steps for this application as directed by the on-screen instructions. Gently press on both the left and right sides of the cassette cover and pull.

Is the machine in Sleep mode? Orientation Set the original orientation defaults. For optimum performance, it is also recommended to use only the Kyocera toner containers which are specifically intended for use in your country or region. Specifications Appendix Specifications Note These specifications are subject to change without notice.

Note When the front cover is opened or closed, the paper inside the machine may be discharged. Original size Specify the size of originals being scanned. If necessary, open the paper stopper shown in the figure. Original image Select original image type for best results.

Fan the stack of paper and align the edges before loading them in the paper source. The maintenance kit must then be replaced immediately. In that case, reduce the number of sheets to be loaded. The symbols and their meanings are indicated below.