Muro Fdvl41 Speed Driver

Please check your product description carefully before placing your order. Studies have shown that autofeed stand-up screw guns are about twice as fast at placing screws as traditional screw guns. High compression forces occur in the spine while stooping, and sustained or repeated flexion of the spine may decrease the stability of the lower back.

By s tanding while working, the spine and knees will remain in a neutral position, minimizing strain and muscle fatigue. Standing fastening tools allow the worker to keep a neutral position of the spine and knees and decrease the probability of injury. There is much less in the literature regarding the health effects of these postures in an unloaded situation - that is, stooping without lifting. Please check your email and click on the supplied link to track your order. Would you like to pick up a product from our warehouse?

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Parry Sound Auto Parts - Muro

Each driver bit changes easily, requiring no special tools, it8718f-s audio driver allowing for fast replacement while on the job. For more info about our products.

Do you have a question about a return, payment, or tracking number? Each bit is double ended to allow for more use per unit.

Muros speed driver is the premier system on the market. Senco Auto-Feed Screwdriver.

The fasteners are made from hardened steel and have a knurled shaft to anchor them securely in the base material. Quik Drive Auto-Feed System.


FDVL41 Speed Driver - Screws

Pre-drilling holes is not necessary. Solution standing fastening tool construction solutions. If you are unsatisfied with your shopping experience for any reason, please do not hesitate to message us on eBay.

Standing fastening tools load without requiring you to bend down. Hydraulic Hoses - Fitting. Expand Solution Page Return to Summary.

FDVL41 Speed Driver - Screws

MURO Pro Auto-Feed Deck Screw Gun

MURO Pro Auto-Feed Deck Screw Gun

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Please contact us before leaving feedback so that we may resolve any issues. Do you have a technical question about a product? If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please message us on eBay. Color, sizing or style depicted in some photos may not be exactly as described. There are also drill bit extensions that can be used in a standard drill that are especially useful for overhead work such as drilling.

The literature combining stooped, squatting or kneeling postures with load handling shows rapid and severe spinal damage. The tool that truly stands on its own with the capability do all the jobs. Decreased stability and higher compression forces can lead to injury and low back pain.


Weekend appointments are available. This high performance and durable tool is the choice of professional contractors throughout the world. Screws for these guns come on easy-loading, collated strips that are self-feeding.

MURO Fdrh02 and FDVL41 Coil System Speed Driver With Handle

You have no items to compare. Many products are shipped directly from the manufacturer. This tool may be also applicable for drywall and some metal-to-metal work. The driving depth can be adjusted for varying jobsite conditions.