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Display Setup From configuration menu select this voice and the related page appears. MyChron lap timers have been considered standard equipment in motorcycle racing for nearly a decade. Drop the scalpel and grab some more throttle. Non-volatile memory means your data is saved even when the batteries are out. The related page is shown here below.

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Therewith the computer makes an interim analyze and calculates in which sectors the driver lost time. How To Change Mychron Light Tg Batteries The simplest way to record correct lap times is to use the same transmitter s for all drivers. The longitudinal acceleration gives information about how the vehicle accelerates and decelerates. Sector Split Time shows shows the time for each split sector as you go. MultiChron Stopwatch By The Numbers The MultiChron stopwatch is a versatile hand-held digital lap timer that tracks up to four different racers simultaneously.

MyChron Light TG

Qualify mode displays the remaining time until the end of the session. To modify the language it is necessary to perform a firmware upgrade. Use additional beacons around the track to mark your segments. Download the product manual to learn more about how this works. Accumulative Split Time shows the total time elapsed at the split.

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Permanent indication of the fastest lap Indication of the difference to the fastest lap at the intermediate times. The default mode is Lap, hewlett packard deskjet 932c printer driver which shows an incremental lap counter. Additionally the device saves the lap times and the min- and max measurements of rpm and temperature of laps. Review your data on screen or within our Light Analyzer software optional.

Variation Split Time shows the difference variation between the current split time and the previous split time, so you can see how you are progressing through that segment. Lap, Qualify or Race Mode. The MultiChron is suited for any racing situation including motorsports, swimming, running, track and field and other athletic events. For example, a team can determine how its rider is doing specifically in the whoop section compared to other riders.


News and Important Announcements. Dissection Drop the scalpel and grab some more throttle. In case the logger firmware is already updated the system shows the message here on the right. There is a menu in many different languages to adjust the parameters of the device making the configuration and handling very easy.

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Functions associated are shown by the display in correspondence to each button. With a rugged, attractive case, and bright backlight display, the MultiChron stop watch and handheld lap timer will be your new best friend at the track. Make it Your Own A pixel-based display means you can customize the display however you like, including the display of custom graphics, logos and images. Smart menus and button labels change as needed for ease of use.

The split times will tell you which section - straightaway, curves, whoops, etc - is slowing you down the most so you can improve it. Other configuration options are deepened after. Here follows explanation of the steps to be performed for a quick configuration. The related menu is shown here below. It makes a great gift for anyone involved in competitive sports.

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Just as well the configuration can be written very comfortably using a computer.

Furthermore a junction box is available, in which acceleration sensors are integrated and which is connected to a illuminated display with a helix cable. You also attach a track names to laps. Use track subdirectories to organize your laps and get to them quickly. Race mode shows how many laps remain in the race. Accessories and Product Index.

The kit is ready for race day whether you are racing super moto, road course motorcycles, oval cars or road course autos. Racing Motorcycles and Motors For Sale. One benefit of the segment system is to help teams better analyze bike set-up and make competitive adjustments by isolating distinct sections of a race track.

Display modes include table and histogram. The related under menu shows all possible split visualisation modes. Compare lap times on the same track from month to month, year to year. No matter what split visualisation mode is set, when the logger records a lap or a split time it shows different data.

Technical data AiM MyChron3 XG Log

Accumulative, Variation, and Sector. By dividing the track into segments, you can analyze performace through certain sections to optimize bike set up and driving techniques. Big, Bold and a Thing of Beauty.

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