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Nike SQ MachSpeed Black Driver Review - Miles of Golf

Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Review

Not that there is anything wrong with that! The black face of the club provides a nice feedback mechanism with the ability to clearly see where the ball is coming off of the face of the club.

Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Review

Your choices of flex options is normal fare, with A-flex being the softest shaft offered and X-Stiff being the stiffest. The black-on-black styling contributes to a simple and modern look while hiding the technology and adjustability features. The Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki shaft has some great black-on-black graphics that add to the overall aesthetic of the club and provides a great look-and-feel for the driver. More specifically, increase clubhead speed by giving it a more aerodynamic shape so that it cuts through the air with less resistance. Also available as a stock option is the Project X graphite shaft.

The drivers come in two head shapes round and square. After the experience on the range and a few minor adjustments, I felt like I had a decent feel for what I needed to do to get the driver flying well. This helps golfers of all skill levels frame the ball properly. As the new year progresses, the new equipment comes out in full force. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the face of the club because the top of club head lacks any dots or alignment marks.

Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver Review

It certainly delivers performance to match the looks and it is everything you would expect from a better players driver with a great feel, good sound and medium high trajectory. Upon further inspection, we find that there undoubtedly is a method behind the madness.

The faster the club moves through the air, the more resistance there is from drag. The face of the club has clear and subtle alignment aids that stand out while looking down on the club. This driver takes a step in a positive direction toward solving that problem.

Sometimes, though, we see a company change their lineup dramatically in terms of both aesthetics and function. Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window.

Besides, the view from the top is pretty simple this year, as opposed to the visible PowerBow found in previous Nike drivers. Nike has a sure winner here. Open and Open Championship last year with square-headed Nike drivers. In most instances, the MachSpeed Black did precisely what was expected of it by delivering higher launch with lower spin, along with better ball speed, resulting in maximum distance. An individual launch monitor testing shows that compared to the MachSpeed driver, ericsson t250 driver the new MachSpeed Black driver increased ball speed and distance while providing better feel.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we now have their new MachSpeed line. The club weighs in at less than grams and it results in a totally different feel from most standard drivers.

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Club Fitting Overview Basixx vs. Compared to square drivers of the past the trajectory was mid to high without excessive spin and the sound, whilst not music to our ears, was much better too.

Nike Adds SQ MachSpeed Drivers Fairway Woods to 2010 Lineup

My initial adjustments did have me confused about how the modifications changed the lie and flight-path options. Volume Two Hundred Twenty Five.

The new look black-square head will be a love-hate feature I am sure, but if you are not turned off by that, you may end up with it in your bag. While the look, feel, and versatility of this club have been improved, what about the performance?

With a quieter, more subdued sound at impact, this driver not only feels solid but is more fun to hit. Out with the old and in with the new. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The beautiful round head is taller than the square version and the centre of gravity has been moved further forward to allow better players to work the ball more easily.

Your email address will not be published. By all means, if a clubmaker has a good thing going, why mess with it? Notify me of new posts by email.

Nike Adds SQ MachSpeed Drivers Fairway Woods to 2010 Lineup

After unboxing the club, the first noticeable differentiator is the weight. Gamed it for a couple of rounds and promptly dumped it. That was the first time I ever made birdie on that hole! Among the drag-reducing improvements is the sole diffuser, which is immediately visible, as is the toe-side PowerBow. After picking this thing up on a whim I am more than satisfied.

Nike Sq MachSpeed Driver