Zebra Stripe S400 Telecharger Pilote

Table shows the sequence of formats. Adjust screw until the tension is equal on the left and right sides of the rewind power roller and the liner tracking is maintained. Specific cleaning procedures are provided on the following pages.

Does not require the use of a ribbon. Contrast this with fanfold media, which comes folded in a rectangular stack. Please Call for Pricing or to Purchase. Page Bearings item pictured here are installed this way for the only.

Perform the media sensor position adjustment. Zm series industrial printer, user guide for ups pages. In the Peel-Off mode, proper media tracking is critical. Contact your authorized Zebra distributor for information. Unless indicated otherwise, turn the power Off O before performing any maintenance procedures to the printer.

Turn off the power to exit this self test. Test the Cutter Operation. Noncutter units not retrofittable.

S400 Industrial Printer Support

This zebra stripe s has been tested and verified to be in a perfect working order. Zebra recommends using media that is outside wound i. This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, ati radeon hd 2400xt 256mb driver and repaired to full zebra stripe s order and is in excellent condition. Choose PayPal Credit to pay all at once or enjoy the flexibility of paying over time zebra stripe s special financing offers.



Reassemble the Cutter Module. Exterior Mild detergent or desktop cleaner As needed. Cleaning the Cutter Module. Media Sensor Adjustment L Rev.

Our prices are amongst the best available srripe. Page This end of the ground strap attaches to the print mechanism assembly. Checks for proper media loading.

Reinstall the main door and rear cover. Labels are printed and individually cut. International Orders Welcome!

S400 Industrial Printer Support

Adjust the home position potentiometer with the potentiometer adjustment tool Zebra part until the embossed line on the sensor disc is in alignment with the side plate edge. This can cause print registration problems on the labels.

Close the main and front doors, and restore power if previously turned off. Before proceeding, it is recommended that the technician wear an antistatic strap connected to the printer chassis. Update me with the latest news from Barcode Discount.

Reload media and ribbon, and test the printer operation. Tear-Off allows you to tear away each label or a strip of labels after it is printed. Our prices are amongst the best available anywhere.

The printer first runs through a Power-On Self Test, then prints the configuration label. Fanfold Media Loading L Rev.

Close the printhead by moving the lever clockwise to the closed position. Springs are repositioned during reassembly. Preventive Maintenance Schedule. Pivot the board off the front snaps.

Zebra Stripe S400 User Manual

This is a control output from the printer to the host. When the cutter option is installed and enabled, the labels printed in these self tests should be automatically cut as they are printed. The cutter option field-installable. Image not available Photos not available for this variation.

Parts displayed below are for repairing the factory-installed option. Backing rewind spindle full sensor Peel-Off option required.

Zebra Stripe S400 Maintenance Manual

When the cutter option is installed and enabled, labels printed during the self test are automatically cut as they are printed. Options Accessories Supplies Extended Info. Home Position Potentiometer L Rev.

Download and install firmware. Page They should point directly at one another. Close and latch the printhead. If non-continuous media is used, sets label length for individual labels. Test the unit and perform a printhead position adjustment if necessary.

Load the media and ribbon if used. Be the first to write a review. Slide the spindle assembly onto the shaft.

Page Reinstall the three mounting screws, making sure the mounting screw in the upper right-hand side of the main logic board goes through the braided ground strap first. Wind the ribbon onto the ribbon takeup spindle c for several turns in a clockwise direction until wrinkles and creases disappear. Reinstall the rear cover, and front door. No lubricating agents of any kind are required on this printer. Cut the ribbon between the upper ribbon guide roller and the ribbon take-up spindle.

Zebra Stripe S400 User ManualZebra S400 Thermal Barcode Label Printer